Born in 1954 in Bulgaria to a family of artists, Albert Hadjiganev fantasized of an artistic Parisian existence throughout childhood. He studied photography in Sofia, Bulgaria and was influenced by the work of his painter father and his sculptor brother. However, he constantly kept sight of his ultimate goal: to study at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. At the age of 28, he left his native home and walked across the border. After numerous hardships, he finally reached Paris. By 1987, his struggle paid off and he reached his goal- he graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts.  He has lived in France ever since.

His artistic peers in Paris quickly recognized Hadjiganev’s distinctive talent. In 1989, he was the recipient of the coveted Grand Prix de Peinture of the Academie des Beaux-Arts. Selected from more than one thousand artists, his paintings were shown across France and Europe. In 1990, he received the Prix du Gouvernement Princier at the Salon International d’Art Contemporain in Monaco.

On beginning a new painting, Hadjiganev says:

I do not know what is to come. It is the canvas that decides- I am merely a tool. I become very small. I do not paint to make something pretty. I paint to put my heart in my paintings.

As a minimalist, Hadjiganev captures the simple moments of daily life with only a few elements. With perfect technique and deep sensitivity, he freely transfigures reality to create a mysterious environment filled with grace. The sparkling vistas of his landscapes spark feelings of longing and peace in the viewer. His photographic training is also evident in the composition of his interior works. He leads viewers into his paintings, often through a geometric shape- a window, a door, a table or the frame of a picture are all openings that capture a still moment within a limited visual frame while opening up a new perspective to the viewer.


1983-1987 École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, Paris
19821989 Cours de dessin de la Ville de Paris, Atelier Rémy Aron, France
19771979 École Nationale de photographie, Sofia, Bulgaria


2016 La Rentrée, Hugo Galerie, New York
2015 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2014 Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2013 Galerie de l’Europe, Paris
2012 Galerie NL, St Omer
2012 Galerie de l’Europe, Paris
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2010 Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
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2010 Galerie Claudine Legrand, Paris
2009 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2009 Axelle Fine Arts, San Francisco
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2008 Galerie Claudine Legrand, Paris
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2006 Axelle Fine Arts, San Francisco
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2005 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
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2002 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
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1996 Galerie Guénégaud, Paris
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1990 Centro Culturale San Fedele, Milan
1990 Galerie Peinture Fraîche, Paris
1989 Galerie Peinture Fraîche, Paris
1985 Théâtre municipal de Darmstadt, Allemagne


1990 Prix du Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
1989 Grand prix de peinture de l’Académie des Beaux Arts, Institut de France


Institut de France, Académie des Beaux Arts
Caisse Nationale du Crédit Agricole
Ville de Conches (Eure)
Ville de Brives la Gaillarde (Corrèze)