b.1957 in Montevideo, Uruguay, lives and work between Geneva, Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain

Daniel Ybarra is a contemporary artist known for colorful paintings and ability to master the light and transparency in his works. Works are based on the observation of nature and on the juxtaposition of images (paintings, drawings, collages, assemblages, installations and photographs). He shares time between his studios in Geneva, Spain and South America. Works are displayed in museums, public and private collections worldwide. Co-Founder, Abanico Foundation, an organization focused on creativity and creation of multidisciplinary and intercultural exchange projects since 1991. 

"I was born in 1957 in Montevideo, Uruguay, which was a pleasant, welcoming place at the time. Seeking refuge from hunger and war in Europe, immigrants were appreciative of their new country. My maternal grand-parents had arrived there from Moscow and Odessa, while my father's family, from Bilbao and St Jean de Luz in France, had Basque roots. My childhood rolled by harmoniously and more or less uneventfully in the company of the numerous wives and ex-wives of my maternal grandfather. One among them, my grandmother Anastasia, was exceptional. She it was who taught me to read, cook, draw and paint from a very early age. And to her I owe thanks for having planted in my soul in a light-hearted and loving way my passion for books and the arts."

Today Daniel Orson Ybarra lives and keeps studios in Geneva, Barcelona and Montevideo. His paintings are exhibited in private collections and museums worldwide. Such as IVAM in Valencia, MUAC in Mexico City and MAPRA in Lyon. He's art is the subject of many publications. 

M Fine Arts is honored to now represent Daniels paintings in the U.S