April 7, 2017

Brig Bad Trumpet Player, oil on canvas, 56" x 64"

Brig Bad Trumpet Player, oil on canvas, 56" x 64"

M FINE ARTS GALERIE is pleased to present Party Animals, a solo exhibition of new works by Brian Keith Stephens. Stephens is well known oil painter and installation artist whose work affects perception of identity through emotion. Stephen’s artistic process reflects the emotions he hopes to extract from his audience. While Stephens paints seemingly simple images of animals or loved ones, upon closer observation it is clear there are multiple layers of sensitive investigation in each piece.

Growing up in Connecticut, I have always found animals as a vessel for depicting human emotion; I believe in many ways animals are capable of expressing human emotions is a way that is both understandable and mysterious and alluring. Like animals, we are all wild and fearful, but unlike animals, we have to live in this world of rules and normativity. My desires, my emotions, are not always able to fit in the place and society I live, but in my art, I can find a place for those outliers to join forces. 

The Life of the Party, oil on canvas, 8.5" x 13"

The Life of the Party, oil on canvas, 8.5" x 13"

"How to capture the past, present and future at the same time; this is at the center of my work as an artist and as a father, son, friend and lover. As we navigating our daily lives, we must face thoughts, anxieties, joys and emotions from all three of these tenses, and often at the same time. Seemingly opposite emotions -- lust, hatred, desire, love, pride, inhibition -- exists simultaneously between these moments in time. For some of us, some emotions outweigh others, grabbing our attention and transfixing our minds, sometimes taking over the way we live and breathe. For myself, the emotions that occupy my mind and capture my energy are that of love, desire, and the fear of hurt or disappointment. And so, at the center of my work are these forceful emotions--they guide my hand to paint and my heart and mind to live. My work explores the emotions that guide us, that pull us and push is and ultimately define who we are, in relation to others and to ourselves.

Stephens received his BFA from Lyme Academy College of Fine Art and his MFA from City College of New York. He has exhibited in galleries around the country and internationally. He has participated in multiple art fairs such as Scope Art Fair and Affordable Art Fair.


KIM SOBEL | Walking the Wall
February 3, 2017

M Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring Kim Sobel’s cutout works this February. These vibrant contemporary installations will transport you into another space entirely. The exhibition will begin on February 3, 2017 with an artist reception at our location in Sowa at 61 Thayer Street.

Kim Sobel creates paintings using expressive marks and colors in order to make sense of the work. Her paintings move outside of the canvas. Her works include cutouts and mix media installation pieces. Sobel states that, “A painting is inanimate, but I want it to live and breathe.” This statement is apparent as immediately as the viewer steps into the space her works occupy.

Sobel received her MFA from Hunter college and has spent time lecturing and teaching while pursuing her studio practice. She has taught at schools including The New School in New York and Manchester Community College. She has received many prestigious awards and fellowships over her career.


December 2, 2016


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We are pleased to present a remarkable collection of new paintings by Michel Delacroix, celebrated master of the Naïf tradition and self styled “painter of dreams and of the poetic past.” Internationally acclaimed for his nostalgic visions of the city of light, Delacroix has devoted over six decades to painting what he calls “the Paris of then,” the dream-like place the city became during the 1940's. From sweeping skylines of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral to quiet, snow covered Parisian streets, these works filled with beauty and romance are sure to sweep you back to a city of by-gone years and innocent splendors.

On Friday December 2nd, M Fine Arts will host a special reception for the latest collection of paintings by Michel Delacroix.


October 8th

October 4, 2016

We are thrilled to present you with Fabienne Delacroix's first soloshow at M Fine Arts Galerie, Y' a de la Joie. This exhibit will usher in a new phase while continuing on a legacy created by Bertrand Delacoix at our former Axelle Fine Arts on Newburystreet. We invite you to please join us on October 8th (6-8pm) to welcome Fabienne to our new location found in the SoWa Art District. Parking is also available just steps from our gallery.

Fabienne Delacroix, "Les 12 vues de la Tour Eiffel Octobre", acrylic on board, 12" x 16"

Fabienne Delacroix, "Les 12 vues de la Tour Eiffel Octobre", acrylic on board, 12" x 16"

Born in 1972 as the third and youngest child of renowned naif master Michel Delacroix. Fabienne Delacroix enjoyed a high level of apprenticeship following her famed father's tutorial. By the age of ten, her work was shown for the very first time at a gallery in Carmel, California. The show sold out opening night.In the years since, her work has been displayed in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans and Japan where she exhibited along side her farther. Fabienne Delacroix’s growing fame has also led to numerous prestigious commissions and is collected internationally.


August 5, 2016

Benoît Trimborn, "Le soleil et la foret", oil on canvas, 59" x 74"

Benoît Trimborn, "Le soleil et la foret", oil on canvas, 59" x 74"

M Fine Arts is proud to present Summer Selections, a specially-curated group exhibition featuring old favorites and new works from our diverse roster of artists, including Michel Delacroix, Benoît Trimborn, Goxwa, and more. 

Town & Country

July 1, 2016

From the waters of the Seine to the rooftops of Paris, Town & Country celebrates the works of French painters Patrick Pietropoli and Benoît Trimborn. One known for his intricate portrayals of the urban landscape, the other for his serene, tranquil works showcasing the French countryside.

Patrick Pietropoli is a contemporary painter artist who represents cityscapes and street scenes along with figural compositions and delicate nudes. He paints the carefully articulated architecture of New York, Paris, Rome and Venice as well as the intimate portrayal of the feminine figure always finding a perfect balance between freedom and form. 

Born in Paris in 1953, his passion for painting started in early childhood and developed through various experiments with fine arts techniques into a life-long commitment. His canvases favor line over color while representing objects from the history of art, architecture, cityscapes with or without figures, female figures. The ancient Greek myths are like a permanent “lietmotiv” in his work.

His first solo exhibition in 1981 was about the Florentine Annonciations, the second one was about “the rapt of the Sabines”, as it is represented in the painting of Nicolas Poussin at the Louvre.

Patrick Pietropoli spent most of his life in Paris and relocated to New York in January 2008.


A statement from Benoît Trimborn: "The morphology of the landscapes, or more essentially, the space that the countryside paints, draws my attention and is like the spark of an idea. As an architect, I see there a breath, a light, a rhythm that can form on its own a principle of beauty. Thus, in painting, I am guided by these places of the countryside, they go through the seasons, but also through meteorological and agricultural variations. So, I imagine the passage from the space of the countryside to the space of the canvas. It is a passage to do without useless chatter, because everything is there. More than using the painting as a means of communication of my own message, I prefer making the painting talk, leaving it to "say the last word". The represented elements compose atmospheres whose impression I seek to accurately convey, like the musician, who accurately follows his sheet music. The figure of the man, who is never represented, is, however, sensibly present in these strongly altered and elaborate landscapes. In this effort, the contemplative attitude prevails, much more than the adventurous attitude. No message and no story should disturb the viewer's perspective." 


Landscape Abstracted

June 3, 2016

M Fine Arts Galerie is honored to announce the addition of Robert Baart to our roster of contemporary artists. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1947, Baart’s work has stayed true to his New England roots.

Robert Baart graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 1969. A year later in 1970, Baart received the Clarissa Bartlett Traveling Scholarship for Alumni of the Museum school. Baart later returned to his alma mater to teach for thirty-five years before retiring in 2009. He has been awarded numerous grants and honors and has works in exhibitions and collections both in the U.S and abroad.

Baart's working studio, Boston, MA

Baart's working studio, Boston, MA

Baart is an avid observer of the nature of the American northeast, and his work encompasses a variety of mediums while focusing primarily on the subject of natural landscapes. His paintings employ a temporal sense of color, light, and atmosphere – blurring the line between realism and abstraction – that expresses a very personal experience with the world around him. Within his work is embedded both a concern for the deteriorating state of the modern world as well as a spirituality of nature that moves the individual. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been an observer of nature and the landscape... Over decades I have wandered in and around mountains, fields, swamps, and woodlands as well as having daily encounters with ribbons of green space in the city. It all provides a constant source of study and reflection that continues to inform my work.

Today, Baart is a member of the Fenway Studios, a limited-equity cooperative that has served Boston's art society since its conception in 1905. The Studios maintain a rich history of housing many of Boston’s most prominent artists and teachers, a legacy that continues to this day.


M Fine Arts Galerie is thrilled to announce the "Inaugural Exhibition" opening with a gala reception on  Saturday, May 7th, 2016.

For this premiere show, each of our eighteen exceptional artists created new pieces that will preview here for the first time. Several of the artists will be present to discuss their work.

Styles range from representational to abstraction, surrealism to naif, using unique and varying mediums. Through eclectic subject matter, color, texture and light, each work of art delivers a remarkable experience capable of piquing the interests of the first-time visitor as well as the sophisticated collector.

Come join the revelry, meet the artists and explore each piece's unique narrative.

Take a closer look at the featured works and get to know the artists below.