Artist Mark Knoerzer was born 1978 in Cornwall, NY and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Knoerzer was interested in art from a young age; his parents supported his talents and enrolled him in several art classes. As a child, he experimented with various mediums, including ceramics, oil paints and carpentry. By the time he graduated high school, Knoerzer was certain he wanted to go directly to art school and pursue a career in the arts.

Knoerzer received an Associates of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a BFA from Parsons School of Design where he was awarded an undergraduate Deans Scholarship and a BFA Scholarship.  He studied theater backdrop painting at the Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts in his hometown of Cornwall, NY.   In 2006, while enrolled at Parsons, his work changed dramatically. He moved away from figurative paintings and began experimenting with light installations. After two years working in 3-D, he returned to painting but this time, his paintings were abstract. These new paintings were heavily influenced by the experiences he had while working in installations. These unique light installations and abstract works are what he is most known for today.

In 2010 he was approached by Ironbound Films to have his art included in their new documentary Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie. The film won an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival and was released in 2012 by Magnolia Pictures. Knoerzer’s work was included in Webster Hall’s Quarterly Art Soirée and “Light up Brooklyn” at the Brooklyn Morgan.

In both his paintings and light installation Knoerzer uses color, light and extensive layers to create geometric images and abstract symbols. He has developed a uniquely personal visual language, which references a spectrum of everyday life from humans and animals to landscapes and atmospheres.