Chantal Lacout was born in 1943 in Le Blanc, France. As a young child, she played with clay and had an immediate draw towards creating art. Years later, she lived in the 14th arrondissement in Paris, not far from Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s studio. She was immersed in the artist's work which continues to influence her own. She studied art at L'école Des Beaux Arts, and soon participated in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad. Lacout began showing her work in different galleries and selling to multiple collectors and museums. Over the years she has explored a variety of style and technique, but her repetitive theme of the couple remains continuously visible throughout her artwork. Her sculptures depict emotions that dwell within us all as a human race, and give substance and visibility to those emotions. The titles given to her sculptures often draw a connection with a book of poems titled Toi et Moi by French author Paul Geraldy. They provide the means for her to explore emotions which reveal all the phases of the couple.

 In both subject matter and technique, the artist creates a symphony of powerful, fragile and sensitive content. These sculptures balance one another, proving to be immensely compelling and impressive. The works are heavily informed by lived experience and by the artist's personality and lifestyle. In personifying what is real and universal to the human soul, Lacout captures a subtle sense of eternity and grace. She currently lives and works in France.