Fabienne Delacroix is the youngest child of the master naïf painter Michel Delacroix. She began to paint at the age of ten, working along side her father in his studio. Her talent was evident almost immediately. At twelve years old, her paintings were exhibited in a gallery in Carmel, California where the work completely sold out.

In 2004, Fabienne began exhibiting on her own, and while her work can be linked stylistically to her father’s, she is very much an artist in her own right. She has a mastery of light and color that is similar to that of French Impressionists. Until recently, Fabienne was known mainly for her seascapes and pastoral landscapes while her father was renowned for his Parisian cityscapes. However, now, Fabienne has expanded her lists of subjects to include the streets of Paris. Like her father’s, Fabienne’s Paris is an older, simpler one with horse-drawn carriages filling the streets. Although she is now carrying on her father’s work, Fabienne continues to paint the French countryside, seaside and sometimes even Boston with her signature flair. She currently lives and works in Paris, France.

Born in 1972 in a family of artists, Fabienne Delacroix enjoyed a high quality of schooling following her father Michel Delacroix’s tutorial. By the age of ten, she showed her work for the first time at a gallery in Carmel, California, where it proved so popular that it sold out.

Past Exhibitions
M. Fine Arts Galerie, Boston 2016
Edward Montgomery Fine Art, Carmel 2016
*Axelle Fine Arts, Boston 2015
Axelle Fine Arts, New York 2015
Saper Galleries, East Lansing 2014
Axelle Fine Arts, Boston 2014
Axelle Fine Arts, New York 2014
Axelle Fine Arts New York 2013
Axelle Fine Arts Boston 2013
P&C Fine Arts Washington 2013
Chetkin Gallery, Redbank 2013
*P&C Fine Arts, Washington 2012
*Axelle Fine Arts Gallery, Boston 2010
*Axelle Fine Arts Gallery, New York 2010
*P&C Fine Arts, Washington 2010
*Axelle Fine Arts Gallery, Boston 2009
*AFA Gallery, San Francisco 2009
*AFA Gallery, New York 2008
*Fukaï Gallery Tokyo, Yokohama 2008
*P&C Fine Arts, Washington 2007
*Axelle Fine Arts Gallery, Boston 2007
AFA, New Orleans 2006
*P&C Fine Arts, Washington 2005
*Axelle Fine Arts Gallery, New York 2004
*Axelle Fine Arts Gallery, Boston 2003
*Fukaï Gallery Tokyo, Yokohama 2003
Dick Kleinman Fine arts, Ohio 2002
Newburry Fine Arts, Boston 2001
*Fukaï Gallery Tokyo, Yokohama 2001
Regency Fine arts, Atlanta 2000
Ed Montgomery Fine Arts, Carmel 2000
*Gallery C, Raleigh 1999
Kenneth Bem Gallery, Seattle 1999
P&C Fine Arts, Washington 1998
Newburry Fine Arts, Boston 1997
Axelle Fine Arts Gallery, New York 1997
Chetkin Gallery, Red Bank 1996
Ed Montgomery Fine Arts, Carmel 1996
P&C Fine Arts, Washington 1995
Galerie Naiifs et Primitifs, Paris 1995
Newburry Fine Arts, Boston 1994
Ed Montgomery Fine Arts, Carmel 1982
*Solo exhibition
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