Palm Beach | Jeannie Motherwell

M Fine Arts Galerie has opened a pop-up gallery in Palm Beach for the 2017 winter season. The new gallery joins a distinguished group of sophisticated merchants—from stylish boutiques to elegant fine dining—in the heart of the charming Worth Avenue shopping district.


In joining the magical community of Palm Beach, M Fine Arts now has the opportunity to expand the reach and impact of its remarkable cadre of artists in a luxurious tropical enclave. We have brought exquisitely graceful sculptures of Chantal Lacout, bewitching dreamscapes of Eric Roux-Fontaine, and other various works by French artists including Michel Delacroix to the Palm Beach gallery. The gallery is also excited to introduce two new artists, Jeannie Motherwell and Aristotle Forester.

Jeannie Motherwell’s work pits generation against collapse, and are as capricious as light flashing on water. They pin us with similar intensity—a moment of coming to be that will just as soon vanish.
— Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

Jeannie Motherwell, the daughter of Robert Motherwell and step-daughter of Helen Frankenthaler, was born and raised in New York City. Just like her parents, she developed a passion for abstract painting. She studied painting at Bard College and Art Students League in New York. She is currently on the Advisory Board for Both Cambridge Arts and Joy Street Artists Open Studios in Somerville, MA.

Her painting process is very unique and the physicality of it is essential to her as an artist. One can sense the intimacy and immensity to the space in her work. She is deeply inspired by images and mysteries of the oceans and skies in changing weather and Hubble-type images of the universe. The painting process requires a lot of movement including pouring, pushing, and layering. Motherwell’s process allows her to explore spatial complexities and create unexpected moments in her work. She considers her work an ‘event’ or ‘occurrence’.

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Visitors to the Palm Beach gallery will be met with a trove of international treasures, such as Jeannie Motherwell’s unique abstract works, and a tasteful, welcoming atmosphere—all while enjoying sunny skies and refreshing ocean breezes. M Fine Arts invites you to join them in celebrating this new venture.